The Learn-To-Skate USA program is our USFS structured program that teaches basic figure skating skills from the ages 4 through adult. Skaters participating in the Learn-To-Skate program are members of the USFS Learn-To-Skate USA program.  Skaters will receive a membership card and booklet explaining all the levels of the Learn-To-Skate program. 

Fall-Winter schedules are posted in September. Children Age 4 through 6 1/2 begin in the Snowplow Sam 1 class and are assessed by our instructors in the first class. Children in the Snowplow Sam classes are required to wear a helmet (bike helmets are acceptable). Children 7 and up begin in the Basic 1 class. Adults are evaluated and placed in a Basic class according to their assessed level.

During Each session, skaters are instructed on the skills needed for that level. The last week of each session, the skaters are tested and given an evaluation sheet of their skating skills. If a skater passes to the next level they are rewarded with a badge. Skaters who have participated in other Learn-To-Skate programs or who have had past skating experience should contact our program director, Chris Pawlowski.

Skaters, that are in Basic 4, are eligible to become a MCFSC Club member.  More information can be found on the MCFSC Club Member page. 

Learn-To-Skate levels offered through MCFSC

MCFSC has 3 Sessions of Learn-To-Skate lessons.  Lessons are 30 minutes and meet once a week.